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5thbeatle [userpic]
Maddy On Alderaan Part 2
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at March 9th, 2006 (06:36 pm)

Maddy On Alderaan...Part 2.

Previously....aw fuck it. If your too lazy to read the last part than you don't deserve a recap. I despise you.....

Leia Organa held up her gun to Eric and Maddy! "Oh Maddy! It's Alderaan's princess, but I thought she was an Imperial Senate member who liked to go on diplomatic missions". Leia just laughed! "Ha! I am part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor!" said Leia. "Now you will join me and my father in the lounge for dinner so we can discuss your fate" said Leia. "Why?" said Maddy. "Because everytime a protagonist gets captured by a villian, there is always a scene at a dinner table where they discuss the villians main plan!" said Leia. Eric and Maddy shrugged and followed her to her father's throne/lounge/dinner table.

"DAAAAAADDDDY" Leia whined, "It's cold in here!" said Leia. Bail Organa nodded and looked at one of his slaves. "Bring in the fire wood!" Bail said as he whipped his slave. The slave returned with a bag full of puppies and kitties. "Oh no!" cried Maddy. Bail threw the puppies and kitties into the fire and the room warmed up.

Um...that's all for now..cuz I am lazy! At least you got part 2!


5thbeatle [userpic]
Maddy On Alderaan
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at February 18th, 2006 (02:43 pm)

This story is a true story. This isn't political propoganda. Merely fact. So...enjoy!!!

"Maddy On Alderaan" PART 1!

One day Maddy and Eric went flying in Maddy's spaceship. Yeah that's right, Maddy has a spaceship. It's essential to the story so deal with it. Only they starting running out of gas! "Oh no!" they cried, as they started to crash to the planet down below....the planet...of Alderaan!!!


Maddy and Eric got out of their ship. "Look Eric, we're in luck, there's alot of people here! Surely one of them will help us!" said Maddy. They cried for help but all of the Alderaanians ignored them! "We must be ghosts!" cried Eric. "No, Alderaanians are just dicks who don't care about others" said Maddy. They decided to walk to Alderaan's palace to see what they could do about fixing their ship.

Along the way they saw children in chains being put to work. "Why are they doing this to children Maddy?", said Eric. "Oh Eric, Alderaan citizens don't like children and believe they should be used as slaves!" said Maddy. Some of the children were crying. "Oh this is no life to live, as a slave. I wish somebody would just blow up this planet so I could finally die in peace." said one child before his slave master wiped him! "No free thinking here!" said the slave master. "Maddy! That's a whip! But I heard Bail Organa say on CNN that Alderaan didn't have weapons!" said Eric. "Oh baby! Don't you realize, Alderaan's people are dicks, who hate children and are also liars!" said Maddy.

They finaly got to the palace. Nobody answered the door. Why? Because Alderaan's people are dicks, who hate children and liars and are rude to people who visit! So Maddy and Eric just walked in. They noticed a door that said private. They decided to go in. "Oh my god!" said Eric! "I know! Look at all these weapons of mass destruction! Alderaan must be planning something big!" said Maddy. "That's far enough" said a voice behind them. They spun around and their was Princess Leia Organa herself holding a blaster to Eric and Maddy's faces!

To Be Continued...

5thbeatle [userpic]
Happy Birthday
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at February 2nd, 2006 (12:21 pm)

Can't believe nobody posted anything for Maddy's birthday on this GROUP. I know you guys did in your individual journals and all, but we can't let this group die!


We Want A Spoonful Of You.
by celsark (celsark)
at January 6th, 2006 (05:48 pm)

Um, yeah. Well I didn't want to post this, because Dean wrote a far more appropriate poem for something like a Maddy LJ Community (Dear Madelaine), but I decided to dig this shit up and post it, just to get Bertone to write a story. I don't like this one at all... But meh.


Be it in the future, the feeble grasps of love we had
Never in the indigenous praise of your mile
Through the screen, invisible, we caress your sadness so glad
We'll never see you again, and your love will never...

Staring through a window of which we crucify our winds
From far away to home we commit our daily sin
With our shaman in place we set our minds to race
With a flicker and a glimpse of your enveloping face.

Maybe in twenty five years we'll run you over, hunt you down
And escape to drown in seas
Division can't prevail, the snakes will soon exhale
Distinction cut the frail...
You are the one who will bring it all together in the rueful, lustfilled pleas.

5thbeatle [userpic]
Just Sayin
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at January 2nd, 2006 (01:51 pm)


I am surprised nobody else (Eric, Dean, Paul) have posted ANYTHING aside from those photos.

Let's see some more posts on this community?!

It wants to live damnit! LIVE!

5thbeatle [userpic]
When Maddy Met Eric
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at January 1st, 2006 (12:26 am)

For those of you who wonder, wonder no more! Revealed at last! "When Maddy Met Eric".

Eric was parachuting into the Swiss Alps. Why? Because he always did that when he got bored. Luckily he didn't get bored very often. Unluckily though, it turned out Eric took his backpack instead of his parachute. Eric was fucked. And not in the way he would have prefered.

Meanwhile, Maddy was busy in a nearby cabin. She was undercover there for the past few monthes. A gang of terrorists were using it as there base and Maddy pretended to join them in order to find out there plan and stop them. Why was it being left up to a teenage girl to handle this matter of national security? Because it was Bush's day off and some screw ups were made. So sue me.

Eric was hurting faster and faster towards the ground. He decided to flap his arms very fast. It worked. Eric was now flying. Then he realized that it was a gay idea and would never work so he continued falling. He hit his head and had amnesia. Since he was in the Swiss Alps he assumed he was a Snow Man when he reawoke. He decided to do what all Snow Men did: search for the blood of a virgin.

The Terrorists noticed the Snow Man approaching there secret terroist base. They decided to send Maddy out to stop it. Why send out a teenage girl instead of one of there trained men? So they could all do a homo circle jerk after she left that's why. And becuase everyone knows terroists are afraid of Snow Men.

Maddy took out her lightsaber and began combating Eric Snow Man. Yeah Maddy has a lightsaber. Got a problem with it? Eric in turn took out his ligthsaber and they duked it out doggie style. Or Jedi style. Whatever. Eric all of a sudden starting screaming "YOU WERE THE CHOOSEN ONE! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DESTROY THE SITH NOW JOIN THEM". Maddy said "What the fuck are you talking about?". Eric said "I always say that when I combat with lightsabers.

Maddy said "I'm Maddy...the Terroist....who are you?"

Eric said "I'm Frosty..the Snow Man...of DOOM!"

Maddy then sliced Eric in half with her lightsaber killing him.

Wait a second. Shit. Eric can't die in this story. It's about how they met, not how she murdered him. Damnit. Ummm..soo

Maddy glued Eric back together. And the trauma of being sliced in half made Eric's memory return.

He realized he wasn't a Snowman.

Maddy said "No SHIT!".

Then they kissed.

Which was kinda wrong because Eric still thought she was a Terroist.

"Oh just so you know, I'm not a terroist, I'm really undercover" explained Maddy.

Eric was slightly disapointed because terroists were his fetish. Luckily undercover terroists was also his fetish so it was all good.

The terroist overheard Maddy say the "undercover" thing and captured her and Eric.

"You'll never get away with this!" screamed Maddy.

The terroist leader stopped and said, "Your right. I better let you go and surrender". So he did.

"Wow, that almost NEVER works" said Eric.

So the terroists were defeated. Eric never went skydiving again. Maddy and Eric started dating.

Everyone lived happily ever after.

Except Harold who was eaten by a snowman.

5thbeatle [userpic]
Eric and Maddy's Wedding
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at December 31st, 2005 (11:31 pm)

"Eric and Maddy's Wedding....OF DESTRUCTION"

One day Eric said "Maddy will you marry me". Maddy said "No". Eric said "How about now?" and Maddy said "Okay. So they put a wedding together. Then for fun they took it apart and put it back together again from scratch. Point is, the wedding was ready.

During the "Anbody object?" part of the wedding, a large lamplike creature came in and screamed "I OBJECT!!!". Everybody turned in confusion. Except for Harold who died. The lamp like creature said "I come from the future, and you if you two get married, the universe is doomed!!!". Maddy went towards the lamp creature and turned his light off. Just to piss him off. The Lamp Creature said "Wait a minute, your not Bugs Bunny, I crashed the wrong wedding". So the Lamp Creature frenched Maddy goodbye, gave Dana a kiss and flew away.

Before the wedding could continue a woman burst in. She said "DON'T MARRY ERIC! I LOVE YOU MADDY!". The woman turned out to be none other than......Martha Washington. It turns out that Maddy used to be a time traveler and she and Martha had a thing. That's as much of an explanation as your going to get so don't whine.

Martha Washington turned into a speaker and melted.

Eric and Maddy turned to the priest and asked her (yeah a girl priest...you got a problem???!) to continue the wedding. "Do you Maddy take Eric to be your sex slave..". Eric cut the black girl priest off (yeah black girl priest....why...you racist or something???). "Sex slave? I thought this was a wedding" said Eric. The black girl jewish lesbian priest (what do you have something against them??!?! KEEP READING) said that she doesn't perform weddings. So Maddy took a bite and ate her. Maddy doesn't think black girl jewish lesbians should be priests.

So the wedding was called off. And nobody ever mentioned it again.

Except for Harold who died.

5thbeatle [userpic]
Maddy Takes A Bath
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at December 31st, 2005 (11:28 pm)

"Maddy Takes A Bath"

On day Maddy was at the store. The store person asked what she was going to buy. She said "I'll take a bath". So she did.

The End

Except for Harold who died...

5thbeatle [userpic]
Maddy Fanfiction
by 5thbeatle (5thbeatle)
at December 31st, 2005 (11:11 pm)

Here is my first Maddy fanfiction story. It's called

"Maddy Vs Godzillia"

One day Maddy walked outside. She blew her nose and while that was happening, Godzillia decided to sneak up behind her. But Maddy summoned Superman who flew her to safety. It turned out that Godzillia had Kryptonite and used to weaken Superman. Maddy began to plumet to Earth before being caught by Dean. However, it turned it Dean was really tied up in Godzillia's closet. The "Dean" who caught Maddy was really Godzillia in disguise. But Maddy saw through this ruse. She quickly used her magic ring to transform into a mirror. Godzillia's weakness is mirrors (yes...it is...I promise), so he fled. As soon as he was gone Eric showed up on his white horse to carry Maddy away. It was around this time that she noticed that Eric was the size of a tall building. And green. And was squishing the horse. She then realized that it wasn't Eric, but Godzillia. All of a sudden it starting raining cell phones. Maddy used this diversion to sneak into her underground hideout "THE MADDY LAIR". Unfortunatley three goons were waiting with a gun. Maddy used her "Maddy Vision" to turn the guns into human babies. The crooks were now powerless. It was now time for her to return to finish of Godzillia. Maddy built a giant Maddy robot where the cockpit was in the head. Eric controlled the left index finger and Dean controled the Maddy robots peniz. Bertone and Paul just stood there trying to figure out how Maddy could afford all this stuff. Nobody cared to answer. The giant Maddy robot and Godzillia fought a battle which lasted 600 million years. Finally the Maddy robot picked up Godzillia and swallowed him. Everybody shrugged and couldn't figure out how that was possible. But then they decided, "Who cares?". They all did the Maddy dance and lived happily ever after.

Except Harold who died.

Me [userpic]
at December 31st, 2005 (02:52 pm)

- what I wouldn't give to be that water bottle - Eric : )

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